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About Us

The Red Barn BBQ History


We came from Michigan in 1982 to start some kind of business.  we went to a cousin’s place and tasted fajitas & Brisket ad decided that’s what we should do.  Juan and I and his folks started in June 1982.  Juan, his dad and Uncle built a kitchen from the ground up  They had a BBQ pit made from a giant propane tank.  There was a pick up window up front and calls for take out only.  Grandma and I made the potato salad, beans and rice.  Together all of us (my two kids) opened from 11am – 7pm six days a week.  In January of 1993, Juan’s brother and family came down from Michigan. All of us moved into the big house, now the Red Barn.  Five couples worked it from January 1983 to December 1985, when Juan and I bought our own cafe and started our own business.

History Photos